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Prom 2013 June 29, 2013

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My original plan was to avoid talking about prom since it just seemed too corny to write about, but after reading my friend Katey’s post on the topic, it feels appropriate to finally discuss this “right of passage”. And I know there’s far more important/interesting issues I could be talking about thanks to California and Texas, but I’m currently on vacation and this seems light-hearted to write about while recovering from a food coma.

For me, prom was completely about lifting my parents spirits—both of my grandmothers were in ailing health conditions as well as some extreme family drama on the other side of the family….so the joys of prom seemed to make sense. I even had a fantastic date who was extremely laid-back to the point where most of our prom conversations went like this:

Me: “where do you want to eat for prom dinner?”

Date: “Somewhere with food.”

As for who-asked-who, (more…)