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Europe Trip: Part 5-London day 4/5 July 18, 2012

[Press play, then read]

I’ve been trying to do it right;

keeping my family in eye sight

as I seek an pinnacle of independence

to bind me to my teenage years.

Freedom felt nice

as that’s where I stood;

wondering if the pictures of the royal gem my sister secretly took

will ever mean more than  likes on Instagram

or saying you shook hands with a headless man.

The only Royal Beast in sight was an employee at the London Tower

which really didn’t matter

knowing tea at Harrods was a ferry ride away

—an extended metaphor to tell the independent gal within;

lemon coconut macaroons taste better while surrounded by kin.

I could rhyme away my desires as long as I live

but knowing  that deep down inside,

I’ll always just be a little kid

doing what I love, loving what I do,

believing my parents always make the rules

even if that means there’s nothing to do

but live in the moment of ‘now’.

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Europe Trip Part 4: London-Day 3/5 July 16, 2012

There’s information on a givaway for UK readers at the end of this post, so keep reading for more information!

Before my family and I were even fully awake, we had learned a few things:

  1. Almost nothing is open before 9am in London.
  2. Fast food isn’t always shitty.
  3. Being a stereotype has never felt so good. (more…)

Europe Trip: Part I-Packing and Plane Rides #1 & #2. July 12, 2012

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Packing has never been one of my specialties; I’m an already indecisive person and not fully knowing what I’ll be wanting/needing just makes it worse. And besides, fifteen days away from home was the longest I’ve ever been away—let alone, having to bring normal clothes. Away band camp and the eight or so days I spent in Jamaica/Florida practically had identical [clothes] packing; the only differences being the amount of socks(as many as I could fit) and bathing suits(three) packed. Besides, both locations had similar weather to home. I knew the expected weather conditions for Europe were at least twenty degrees Fahrenheit lower than what I was experiencing before the trip even began. Felt like I was in trouble.

Equipped with what I felt was weather appropriate clothing and hygiene products, I zipped up my suitcase and moved on.

My carry-on was easy in comparison; basically a collection of crap I thought I should bring(AP English Summer assignments, contacts/retainers, pre-cut blister pads, debit card, two forms of ID[excluding passport], and Ipod) and crap I felt like bringing(pair of sunglasses, some USD, hand sanitizer, good headphones, three different colored pens, two different colored highlighters, metronome, and makeup).

By no means am I a light packer nor should you take packing advice from me beyond the whole sock rule for band camp.

Overly packed: check.

Family food supplied cleared out as much as possible: check.

Email inbox cleared out as much as possible: check.

Room cleaned and prepared for terrible unpacking habits: check. (more…)


Guess who’s back?! July 11, 2012

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After close to twenty hours of being on a plane to and from Europe, I’m home at last…got back around 4:30 EST after  waking up at 4:30 am Dublin time. Yesterday was the longest day of my life and my jet-lag can be seen in my staggering sleep to awake ratio.

I’ve been going through my 1120 pictures all day with the aspiration to have more in-depth posts about my travels tomorrow…can’t promise anything though. These past 24 hours or so have been spent unpacking(AKA: throwing clothes in hamper and scattering other belongings around room with very little organization), sleeping, and working on portion of one of my summer assignments; pretty productive if I do say so myself 🙂


Six carry-ons.F… June 22, 2012

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Six carry-ons.

Five family members.

Four hours on a plane.

Three siblings bantering.

Two excited parents.

One trip to Europe.

I’ll be back around 7/12 with tons of pictures and posts.

So long blog-o-sphere and hello Europe!



Here’s to the… June 11, 2012

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Here’s to the life we all tend to lead;

different in passing, difficult to leave.

We keep changing as others realize that they don’t need

what once happened should be believed.


Each breath should be one more saving grace

as simplicity gets tangled with personal haste

for one to figure out the difference between

love and waste.


The night dreamt up ways for us to perceive

why we become and why others leave.

Notions of things so hard to understand

make love so unique and promises so grand.


Here’s to the life no one seems to understand;

for the jokes, the sun, and the miles we ran.

To days lingering like the past can do

may the sun keep shining on just like you.


Leaving Marching Band: Part I June 7, 2012

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There’s been a growing emptiness inside of me since the moment I walked off the field in Lucas Oil Stadium back in November. It was the type of emptiness characterized by knowledge; the type that you know it was your last time walking off the field even as your heart pounded pride. And that pride was the type that carried a passion like no other; one that sang dedication, commitment, and sacrifice.

I tried stopping it as best as I could. Through jumping rope to the clicks of a metronome and practicing despite no class to spending the entire day at a fundraiser and cleaning the room that felt like home. I even went the extent to applying for leadership so I could package my passion into an essay of remembrance. But I sobbed; sobbed like a baby as I emptied an entire tissue box. Throw in some outside pressures, and all I could do was continue to cry uncontrollably.

The emptiness started to verge loneliness as no one seemed to have an unbiased opinion towards what I should do. My indecision was once again becoming a hubris. So I dyed my hair a darker shade in hopes of change. Others took strongly to the dramatic jump as I loathed it to the point of stripping dye out two days later.

By the time I was supposed to have a final decision, all I had was frustration towards myself, time, and biased opinions of others nagging the shit out of me. (more…)