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Academic Contracts August 25, 2013

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After having such a rough summer thanks to ulcers last year, I decided to write up a list of “statutes” I’d follow during the school year to prevent future stress related health problems. Placed on the back of my bedroom door along with two posters from Wise Like Us, skimming over the list was one of the first things I did every morning to remind myself of my personal work ethic. I still got sick due to stress, but nothing bad enough I missed school over and I was as dedicated to achieving extreme perseverance as I had hoped. With this in mind, I rewrote my Academic Contract for Senior Year and have included both contracts in case anyone wanted to follow a similar suit.

Most of the ones from Junior Year are from things I read on various places online in terms of study tips while Senior Year I cleaned it up; removing the things from Junior Year that didn’t work out too great(study groups, caffeine intake, etc), while adding easier to follow and more reasonable statues.. The main trick however is to make it look as formal and as serious as possible while placing it in an extremely visible place. This maximizes viewing and reminds yourself how important your new academic guidelines are.

Hope this helps and good luck to all embarking on their upcoming school year 🙂

academic contract senior year

academic contract junior year


A look back on: my summer Coursera classes August 18, 2013

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Since discovering Coursera while it was in beta testing, I’ve been determined to take at least one class through it—but school always got in the way. So as finals were coming to a close in June, I decided to enroll in two classes: Food Sustainability- A Global Perspective and Introduction to Public Speaking.

If you’re unfamiliar with Coursera and other MOOCs(Massive Open Online Classes), such websites provide free classes in practically every subject imaginable taught through a college university. (more…)


MS…what? June 9, 2013

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Standardized testing; ah—the newest craze sweeping the nation in response to how the United States measures up to the rest of the world academically. But what really hit home for me with these global tests was the fact that out of all 50 states, only my home state of North Carolina had significantly higher 4th grade math skills than the national average.

Now I could easily go on for hours about my love of the educational system in Finland (trust me, I wrote a four page paper on the problems behind our cafeteria food and compared it globally—just food alone) or my general hatred of how the only thing standardized testing measures you ability to take a test. But rather than focusing on an opinion that has taken years to form, there’s something more recent that needs to be addressed on HCRT—North Carolina decided to change finals slightly by adapting a new measure of testing called MSLs.

Measures of Student Learning (MSLs) are assessments that measure what students know and are able to do after completing a course or grade. The MSLs are designed for those grades and subjects that are

currently non-tested (i.e.., non-end-of-grade and non-end-of-course subjects)”

With the goals of: (more…)


Science Olympiad 2013 March 27, 2013

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Early into the school year, I applied for a Science Olympiad Captain position. Not even a month later, leading weekly meetings and typing up a weekly broadcast became second nature.

I am a Junior…with a leadership position—for a club I envied freshman year and felt hopeless towards after my partners dropped last year. This year will be different. This year I will make the most of this club. (more…)


The more I look into colleges, the more and more adults restate my views on education… October 21, 2012

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Academic Algebra II Through a “Smart Students’” Eyes August 6, 2012

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I have never considered myself intelligent to say the least but getting a D in Honors Geometry practically broke apart my academic self esteem. Granted, the entire semester of Honors Geometry wasn’t the best time in my life as I had the academic gods plus marching band stacked against my freshman brain.

Both my father and I were scared shitless (I kid you not) over having the same thing happen to me in another Honors math class. So, without much hesitation, I willingly signed up for academic knowing that even if the class isn’t interesting, at least the people will be.

I ended up getting the class after lunch; so anticipated academics with some stoned upperclassman and nearly exploded with excitement. The worst they could do was make the class interesting.

“The point of me being here is to make sure everyone passes. In the end, that’s the goal right guys? I know there’s a few seniors in here and I don’t want my class to be the class that determines whether or not anyone graduates…” the teacher began nonchalantly on the first day.

Wait…what?! (more…)


28 AP English Vocabulary Words July 26, 2012