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Hello Common App and Hello internet! August 1, 2013

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Hello internet and welcome to the world Common App 2013-2014!

I’d just like to apologize for my sudden burst of absence from blogging because in the words of one of my favorite College Wise articles, I’ve been busy being busy. Since my last post, A LOT has happened and I’ve been loving what I can of it.

I’m officially employed for the first time in my life…still in training, but living that fast food worker life.

My two Coursera classes are in full swing. One of which, I’m highly considering dedicating the rest of my life to because the field is that interesting to me. The other class is Introduction to Public Speaking taught by the fabulous Matt McGarrity at University of Washington. While my other class is thrilling to me, Intro to Public Speaking is helping me overcome social anxiety and speech preparation in general. In the near future, I plan on implementing what I learned from both classes into blog posts.

My laptop broke. My beautiful HP that I treasure dearly has been unusable for about two weeks now and I’m typing this post from a crappy family laptop. Once I get a new laptop(hopefully this weekend), I plan on posting much more often between then and the start of school. I’ve actually had 3-4 posts outlined since returning home from Florida a month ago that I need to get around to making into reality.

Rereading Omnivore’s Dilemma for APES and couldn’t be happier with my choice 🙂

I joined a gym and have almost stopped running completely.

Pat McCrory signed SB 353 *rage*

And in lieu of Common App entering my life: