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Getting rejected by your first choice school April 15, 2014

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If you’re anything like myself, you’ve probably entered high school with the mindset to do whatever it takes to get into your top choice school—even if it means spreading yourself thin. All you could think about for +3.5 years is attending said school and using connections made at your future profession. Well, sometimes things don’t always work out and rather than getting accepted and joyous beyond your wildest dreams, you’re faced to decide between your other schools.

I’m not going to lie; getting rejected from NCSU was probably one of the worst parts of high school. (more…)


What to expect now that the point of this blog was achieved January 31, 2014

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Obviously, my most recent college acceptance was life changing for both my future and present, but it’s also blog changing. As both a student and a writer, I no longer have to try to prove to universities that they want me on campus—three out of the five colleges I applied to want me despite my transcript flaws! A collection of people in various areas in the state of North Carolina want me for being me! Such a great feeling 🙂

That being said, I’m going to try to chronicle the home stretch of high school and make this blog a bit more useful for upcoming and current high school students—perhaps even throw in the occasional video or two.

In honor of this blog reaching this milestone, enjoy the bathroom selfie timeline of the past four years which covers mortifying freshman year to relaxed sophomore year to stressful junior year to serene senior year.

selfie time line high school


Hey, colleges actually read this! January 21, 2014

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Nearly two years after starting this blog later, I finally have something to prove for my many sleepless nights, anxiety riddled moments, +13 extracurricular activities (that hit almost every subject area possible), hours spent forming opinions into posts, and working my ass off:

blog post college1

I am attending a college I loved since the moment I stepped foot on campus. Although I got rejected from my first choice school, I am without a doubt thrilled to be attending said college next fall. I’m still a bit overwhelmingly thrilled to be translating my emotions coherently, but I just wanted to take the time and thank everyone who has ever read this blog or supported me as either a writer, student, peer, or mentor—I wouldn’t have made it this far without your encouragement.

Expect a much more thorough post from me later in the week but as for now;

hey colleges, thanks for actually reading this!


How to Read Literature Like A Professor Condensed Notes (For AP Lit) & Summer Vocab August 14, 2013

How To Read Literature Like A Professor Condensed

Chapter-by-Chapter TLDR

AP Lit Summer Vocab


One Year Later May 17, 2013

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So here we are…one year later and my, what a year it has been.



An Introduction May 18, 2012

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Dearest colleges,

As I sit here on this Thursday night with roughly three weeks left of my sophomore year, I can’t help but to feel the smooth clicks of the keys under my hesitant fingers. For so long, I’ve been writing posts in my head to express the consistent flow of thoughts I once thought plagued me but now realize serve me justice.

Colleges, now I know you’re probably looking at my transcripts with a sense of disdain; please let me explain. I have passion for education and learning and submersing my mind in the daily joys/wonders of the classroom but I frankly don’t care about grades—I believe that a letter can’t explain how much you took away from the class and instead, only how well you can mold to society. Frankly, I don’t want to be molded by society because molding to society can be dangerous for both yourself and society. I like my independence and using my own mind to determine my worth. Where would this world be if it wasn’t for the go-getters and the innovators? We’d be no where but trapped in time.

Take my A in Physical Education for example. Really all I learned in that class was how thankful I am for the internet for educating me better than the curriculum ever could. Take the extremely basic sexual education curriculum for example as it’s limited to clip-art pictures of various contraceptive devices, being told STI stands for “Sexually Transmitted Infections” for the third year in a row, and don’t have sex because it leads to things that at our age, we’re probably not ready for(like pregnancy)—basically the point of the unit was to stretch the point of “you can’t ask in depth questions because as a teacher, I’m not allowed to answer them and abstinence is always the answer”. There was really no point to the unit when educators like Laci Green, Scarleteen, and Gurl.com have been promoting a complete understanding of  the material without the boundaries set in the classroom as they promote questions and issues that apply beyond abstinence.

Alright, now look at my B in English II; a class that increased the clarity of my writing as my vocabulary drastically improved. Since the teacher was also teaching AP English III, she sometimes approached our class like an AP, which in turn, allowed me to mature my thoughts onto a high school scale. Considering how much of a constant writing is in our lives, I’ve been able to communicate as a more adept person in society since completing the course.

Frankly, I believe the value of our education should be based off how we progress society forward. Take Marie Curie for example; she went against the grain of the construct of society as she used stepped free from the norm. Not only was she a complete bad-ass of her time, but she also won various Noble Prizes for her contribution to the physical sciences—a first for a woman at the time.

The point of this blog is to show to you; the chancellors of my potential educational future, who I am and where my thoughts stand as I develop as both a student and a member of society. As everyone else submits their transcripts trying to impress you with an impressive list of extracurriculars, APs, high SAT scores, and applications hoping to win your praise; I want to be as raw as I am real in life in hopes of proving that I may in fact be suited for your campus.

Best wishes,