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What to expect now that the point of this blog was achieved January 31, 2014

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Obviously, my most recent college acceptance was life changing for both my future and present, but it’s also blog changing. As both a student and a writer, I no longer have to try to prove to universities that they want me on campus—three out of the five colleges I applied to want me despite my transcript flaws! A collection of people in various areas in the state of North Carolina want me for being me! Such a great feeling 🙂

That being said, I’m going to try to chronicle the home stretch of high school and make this blog a bit more useful for upcoming and current high school students—perhaps even throw in the occasional video or two.

In honor of this blog reaching this milestone, enjoy the bathroom selfie timeline of the past four years which covers mortifying freshman year to relaxed sophomore year to stressful junior year to serene senior year.

selfie time line high school


14 things after completing first semester of senior year: January 13, 2014

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  1. The only thing more stressful than college applications is waiting to hear back from colleges.college waiting1(seriously though)
  2. It’s okay to cry because you’re uncertain about next year—almost everyone else in your grade is too. Reach out and freak out together.
  3. You don’t know how much you’ve grown up until you realize you were once one of those obnoxious freshman in your chill elective class. (more…)

Leaving Marching Band: Part II November 4, 2012

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Be sure to read Part I before continuing

One would believe that the longer I’ve been meaning to give an update on leaving the band, the easier it’d be to match words to emotions. Simply, it’s not—it’s not that I’m struggling to come to term with my decision as much as it is to come to terms my new outlook on marching band.

While questioning my role in the 2012 season, I realized how much “brainwashing” that goes on in the band. You’re instructed to behave a certain way—focus on certain things and live and breathe the words of those who know nothing more, on loop. Really the only way I thrived in band was being hypnotized by the same speeches over and over again; whether it was marching band was a one way ticket to college or the skills learned on the field will help me succeed in life. This break from band has made me realize that it wasn’t the band that shaped me in someway as much as it was the difficulties I had in band. If it wasn’t for them, I doubt marching band would’ve shaped me as much as it has today.

Freshman season was such a blow to my self esteem that it inspired me to work harder as an apology to the band during sophomore season. So I trained myself to make light in a tunnel with unknown brightness and entered unknowingly. These past few months are almost as if I left the tunnel blinded with memories of the past and an unfamiliar past. The shock of leaving left me in some sort of dystopia where lines between fact and fiction awaited clarity only I could draw.

Those lines are something I’ll never be able to permanently draw as marching band is a facet to some, way of life to others. But as for myself, the activity of marching is merely a beloved facet of underclassman years while my friends keep preventing my deepest fear from happening—losing them and myself.

This break from band gave me the chance to form my own, distinct opinions separate from those who march and those who don’t—it’s almost as if I understand both sides of the yard-lines in a way no one else does. I’ll forever support the band, and I’ll forever support myself in ways I was unfamiliar with while marching.


Europe Trip: Part 2-London Day 1/5 July 13, 2012

The moment I stepped off the plane and into the terminal, I could sense the world around me was spinning with excitement.

Okay; perhaps it was just my jetlagged brain embracing the seemingly more gorgeous than I’ve ever seen in my life men around me as the rest of my body seemed to tremble a disoriented jig.While my family and I waited at the baggage claim, some guy had the temerity to jump on the island surrounded by Suitcase Sea. Security came rushing over quicker than either my sister or I could enter the trance produced by a British guys accent.

As we stood aside with luggage; awaiting for my Dad to do I don’t know what, this gorgeous guy leaning up against a post stepped forward with the realization we were confused tourists. Beautiful British Man ended up helping us. Now, I don’t know what he said nor did I listen as I was too focused on swimming through his sapphire blue eyes. (more…)