Hey Colleges Read This!

Because grades don't show personality.

About May 12, 2012

Hello Internet!

My name is Haley and I’m an 18 year old high school student(class of 2014!) in central North Carolina.

The purpose of this blog can be best defined in this post but basically I plan to express who I am as an individual through a series of posts in hopes of both appealing to a college admission office and perhaps an actual audience.

I’m an avid learner who loves to bake, apply classroom material to other subjects(stoichiometry for baking!), read anything realistic—particularly memoirs or anything to deal with food and/or culture,  and self teach myself. As of Summer of 2013, I’m enrolled in three Coursera classes including:  Sustainability of Food Systems: A Global Life Cycle Perspective, Introduction to Public Speaking, and Competitive Strategy as well as learning HTML/CSS on Code Academy.  In addition, I’m highly considering in a double major for college so I can get the best of both worlds of English and Natural Sciences I love dearly.

Although I may come off as extremely academic, I’m really not. I’m just like everyone else; someone who enjoys learning about what interests them more than what doesn’t interest them—I just take that to a whole new level by not caring that much about things that don’t interest me.  This not only backfires on me often, but it also makes me extremely passionate and dedicated to the things I love learning/doing.

I typically come off as well-spoken and sometimes vocal so it surprises most people that I’m an introvert and my Myers-Briggs personality type is INTJ. Thanks to my childhood raising, I was not only just taught to speak up when I feel my voice is being silenced, but also how to act like an extrovert thanks to constant exposure of them. Thus, enabling for me to be social when I have to while typically preferring to bask in the silence of being alone with a nice book and hot cup of tea.

Nothing in my life is perfect—something I’m perfectly satisfied with, as long as I continue to care about what I’m doing  while maintaining the highest work ethic possible. Perseverance over perfection any day 🙂


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