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Getting rejected by your first choice school April 15, 2014

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If you’re anything like myself, you’ve probably entered high school with the mindset to do whatever it takes to get into your top choice school—even if it means spreading yourself thin. All you could think about for +3.5 years is attending said school and using connections made at your future profession. Well, sometimes things don’t always work out and rather than getting accepted and joyous beyond your wildest dreams, you’re faced to decide between your other schools.

I’m not going to lie; getting rejected from NCSU was probably one of the worst parts of high school. I still remember reading the glowing rejection letter off my phone while curled up in a recliner; I don’t exactly recall what it said nor do I care to reread it, but I do remember feeling like it was the end of the world. I cried about it for a good month or so…it took that long for me to accept how my time spent with 15 extracurriculars was in fact not wasted or should I shun myself for getting rejected from one school when I had applied to a grand total of 5.

During what I call “senior break” (the 10 days of no school seniors exempt from all their finals have), I began venturing out of the shitty feelings that came along with the rejection letter and how to counter people’s reactions of confusion when I told them of my admission status. I studied my beloved Collegewise articles, looked up transfer information, talked to one of my good friends for hours as he consoled me that I’m too good for the school, considered applying to a sixth school, and read practically every article on The Prospect. My epiphany occurred in a relative unlikely form; while binge watching Daria. At one point in one of the movies, Daria becomes proud to be attending her second choice school after getting rejected by her dream school.

If Daria Morgendorffer can do it, so could I.

That’s all it really takes to get over a colleges’ decision. Sure, seeing the schools spirit wear, colors, or hearing people you believe are less qualified than you get accepted will always sting, but it shouldn’t define you. If you do get rejected by your top choice school, sulk for a little bit…you deserve the right to be upset or angry and feel like the world is ending. But remember, there’s a school out there who wants you to become part of its student body and likes you enough to offer admission.

Retour their campus and find a reason to fall in love with a school who wants you for you. Acknowledge the fact that you can in fact be successful without the approval of the school(s) that didn’t admit you; your success is determined by you—not by an admissions office. If anything, try to prove them wrong and become the best version of yourself you can be.

I’m trying to keep as open of a mind as possible towards my school before finalizing the decision to apply to transfer. I actually re-toured campus for the second time this weekend, and it was an instant boost of excitement towards attending in the Fall.



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