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14 things after completing first semester of senior year: January 13, 2014

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  1. The only thing more stressful than college applications is waiting to hear back from colleges.college waiting1(seriously though)
  2. It’s okay to cry because you’re uncertain about next year—almost everyone else in your grade is too. Reach out and freak out together.
  3. You don’t know how much you’ve grown up until you realize you were once one of those obnoxious freshman in your chill elective class.
  4. Teachers who let you sleep through said chill elective class because you’re a senior are god sent(thanks Mrs. Y!)
  5. Homecoming brings a whole range of foreign emotions; especially once you talk to recent grads about their lives in college now. Once you realize that’ll be you in no time at all, panic sets in to the point of no return.IMG_5643
  6.  Senioritis is real. You will get it.
  7. Underclassman classes seem like forever ago. Trying to remember who was in what class is near impossible.
  8. As adamant as you once were at completing every single book you read in English, Sparknotes becomes your best friend in the matter of days as you conquer your final English credit.
  9. Sometimes you’ll look at your friends doing their thing and want to capture the moment forever. You’ll think to yourself “they look so happy…so perfect” then satisfy the urge to rest your head on their shoulder by smiling.IMG_2084
  10. No matter how many extracurriculars completed, it’s acceptable to feel like you’ve accomplished nothing.
  11. People you’ve known since freshman year will change on you. It’s perfectly acceptable and chances are, you’ll be able to accept them more because of it—especially if you’ve had your ups and downs with them.
  12. When certain realizations such as how much your life is about to change hit during the school day, sitting in your car alone during lunch helps more than you’d think.IMG_1483
  13. Time only changes as much as you allow it to.
  14. One more semester to mend what needs to be mended, say what needs to be said, and move on as much as your heart will allow it. One semester isn’t much time considering how much time you’ve already spent focusing on wanting to grow up rather than cherishing childhood.IMG_1911

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