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Back to School Apps and Supplies August 24, 2013

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Tis the season for going back to school and back to school shopping!

With 3 years of high school and 12 years total of public school education under my belt, you could assume I’m a bit of a pro when it comes to figuring out what I need to stock up on during the school year and methods to combat the year. Last year I actually wrote a post on some tips to help you stay organized and ahead in your academic endeavors. Although the post contains tips I still use, I’ve advanced and neglected to mention ways I attempt to stay prepared and sane.


I figured to start, I might as well introduce a piece of technology I’ve had since February—an Iphone 5. My lock screen is actually this poster and my background is some art I can’t find the credit for off Society6. Most people think that the Chrome app is worse than the un-deletable Safari to which I beg to differ since my computer bookmarks and Google calendar are synced to my phone. Thus, more convenient and reminding myself PCs are better than Macs.

8tracks: It’s free, doesn’t contain ads, and you can listen to custom made mixtapes to your hearts content or even make your own. Currently, this mix is the soundtrack to my commuting.

Tumblr: I stay logged into my fitness one to give myself fitness motivation on the go. Also, it’s much more efficient if you do cardio at the gym while scrolling through Tumblr than sitting at your computer tumbling down Tumblr.

Waterlogged: The only way I can motivate myself to stay hydrated is if I track the amount I drink. Between an active lifestyle, job, and wanting to stay alert in school, drinking water is crucial for success. You set the amount of water you want to drink each day, record it, and watch your progress.

Gymboss: A interval timer for whatever you chose to you use it for. I downloaded it with the intention of ab workouts where you do 12 moves for 30 seconds each.

image_1Up next; utilities.

The first six are pretty self explanatory but Siesta and Solar aren’t too popular at least to my knowledge.

Siesta: An app for your naps. Seriously. When you open the app, it will let you set an alarm that will go off after a certain interval of time passes. You don’t have to do any math to determine what time you’d need to get up at if you want to sleep for half an hour—perfect for a groggy brain. You can also customize the alarm that wakes you up; even setting it to use a song from your music, while also deciding if you want to keep sleeping after the timer goes off.

Solar: A “pretty weather app”. After it either detects your location or you input a location, the app will create a color gradient of the temperature, perception, and what the clouds are doing. If you slide your finger up while in the app, it’ll even tell you the expected weather for up to the next day. You can also see the predicted forecast for the next three upcoming days.

Quizlet: online flashcard website. So many people use this that I’ve not only found course material and vocab on here, but also study guide answers. Junior year, when someone made a Quizlet for personal use, they’d share it with the class so everyone had access to the study material. The app enables for you to study on the go without having to print off anything.

Adobe Reader: Download, view, and study course material on the go downloaded directly from the teachers website.


Genius Scan: Scan and store documents without having to use a computer/scanner. You can do both color and

This is the free version of the app so it includes ads, but this app comes in handy while doing any sort of reading away from a computer and is even faster than using the website because it’s already loaded onto the app.black/white scans with just a tap of the screen.

Unit Convert: Converts any unit you can think of ever needing. Perfect for science classes.

Google Drive: Store and share documents while also backing up your phone for free. For the group research project at the end of AP Bio, this app literally saved my groups ass because everyone could easily view and use pictures I directly uploaded.

Goodreads: Track what you read while also reading reviews on books you might have to read for class or recreation.

Scientific Calculator: Do math homework without your TI-8-whatever.


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