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What the fuck Ohio, Texas, and NC? July 5, 2013

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Alright blogosphere, it’s time for me to come out on an issue I’m pretty passionate about. With recent political action dealing with this issue causing a bit of an outburst on the internet, I guess it’s time for me to finally get a little bit more political on here. And as President of my schools Democrat Club and VP of Feminist Club, here’s an announcement that shouldn’t come off as too much of a surprise.

I’m pro-choice.

With every cell of my existence, I believe a woman should have the right to choose what happens to her body—she’s the only one who should have the final word over what medical procedures or actions that happen to her body. And I’ve thought this way as long as I’ve acknowledged the fact that my lady-bits have been a political playground. It doesn’t help I’ve researched the matter too.

I mean, I’ve watched documentaries on the subject; ranging from the political battle to the history behind coat-hanger abortions.

I’ve read articles online ranging from this one on five different perspectives on the current battle to different abortion methods and other resources/personal experiences.

I’ve had discussions with a multitude of people ranging in age, gender, religion, and race about the abortion debate.

I’m pretty informed about cases such as Roe v. Wade and Griswald v. Connecticut.

You’d think with the current generation’s responsibility to progress the nation, more to make abortions legal and safer would be done. PSA to the world: MOST POLITICANS ARE OLD WHITE MEN. ONLY 3% OF ALL PLANNED PARENTHOOD SERVICES ARE ABORTIONS…HERE’S A FUCKING CHART IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME:




So let’s start with Texas.

HB60/SB5: an abortion bill that would have closed 37/42 of the abortion clinics in Texas(remember chart on Planned Parenthood and how little they deal with abortion? Could have been completely closed. Hello more STDs and unwanted pregnancies!), and the person who sponsored the bill thought a rape kit is the same thing as an abortion— Jodie Laubenberg’s exact words:  “in the emergency room they have what’s called rape kits where a woman can get cleaned out.”

Notice how I used the past tense?

The bills didn’t pass through the state senate while some rather interesting stuff happened.

Senator Wendy Davis and Texans proposed a fillabuster that had Davis talking the bill to death for 11 hours straight with no breaks. Senator Van de Putte even went straight from her father’s funeral to help ensure the bill would be veto’ed.

This article sums up what occurred on social media quite nicely while this one goes a lot more in depth with what really happened. One of my favorite things I’ve seen that have come out of it has to be from a blogger named Charles Clymer who proposed that male masturbation should be banned in Texas—I completely agree because if women can’t choose what happens in their bodies, males shouldn’t be able to touch themselves for pleasure.



The most frustrating part of the end of the bill has to be how certain groups have taken an ad hominem approach to attacking Davis. Rather than criticizing her policies or experiences, they’ve decided to criticize what she looks like…even making a blog out of it. If she was a man, this wouldn’t have happened because social media fuckheads don’t care enough about the appearance of men nearly as much as they care about the appearance of women.


Bill: HB-59

What it does/will do:

Active for 2013-2014 fiscal year

  • “Reprioritize funding from specific federal grants, so that certain family planning service providers, such as Planned Parenthood, are funded last;
  • Establish the Ohio Parenting and Pregnancy Program which promotes “childbirth, parenting, and alternatives to abortion”; and,
  • Prohibit the Ohio Parenting and Pregnancy Program from entering agreements with entities that are “involved or associated with any abortion activities,” including counseling and referrals for abortion clinics, providing medical abortion-related procedures, and supporting abortion in advertising”


Ohio is already ranked 28/51 for teen pregnancy and has all of these interesting statistics to analyze what would happen under the new bill.

North Carolina

What happened:

While most of the internet was hyped up about the strength of Wendy Davis and California making gay marriage legal, my beloved state basically did the exact same thing as Ohio.

To think I was proud of my state for turning purple in the past two elections…eergh.

TL;DR of this Huffington Post article that describes everything:

The amendments would prevent state health insurance exchanges under the Affordable Care Act from offering policies that cover abortion, restrict doctors’ ability to administer abortion-inducing medication, and impose new regulations on abortion clinics that opponents say would shut down all but one clinic in the state.

North Carolina Senate Republicans said the bill was intended to protect women’s health and safety and waved off concerns that it was being unfairly rushed through the legislature. They passed the bill Wednesday morning by a vote of 29 to 12.

All we’re waiting for is Pat McCrory to sign it into law.

If anything I’m proud of from this bill is the fact that the local news station WRAL has actually been covering rather than concealing this from my area. The only sexual health clinic the bill would shut down is in Asheville which is quite far away if you live anywhere not in the mountains.

Saying I’m worried about what this bill could result in is an extreme understatement and I’m hoping that McCrory doesn’t sign it.


3 Responses to “What the fuck Ohio, Texas, and NC?”

  1. A lot of important info! Thanks! I especially like your point about Planned Parenthood. I wrote a post about that, too, recently.
    I’m going to provide a link to your blog in my next post. 🙂

  2. Sarah Gremaud Says:

    Great job explaining it all !

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