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One Year Later May 17, 2013

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So here we are…one year later and my, what a year it has been.

Although it might not seem like I’ve contributed much to this blog, my life has really started to taken off. I survived round one of AP exams, read over 30 books, and made a couple of difficult but worthwhile decisions. If anything, my life has been as normal as adolescence can get despite my struggles to communicate with the outside world—as in the area outside my brain.


Everything has been such a rush; multitask here, use this hobby to burn off stress, do this to get out of study mode, etcetera; that the end of the school year and senior status is dawning on me quicker than I can comprehend. I think it all started to gradually hit me when a friend I made freshman year got accepted into a summer program at Stanford and senior peers on Twitter began their final count-down in the double digits. What the crap. You’d think it’d be the dreams of the end of AP Bio or planning college tours or looking at colleges on College Board (lucky 13 I have saved) that would make me realize the end of Junior Year is days away—rather, it’s been noting the potential to leave this small town and traveling different paths has my tennis shoes begging to be laced up.


I’ve been busy being busy and been finding a life worth living—let alone find the time to carefully write out blog posts that express my point of view in a manner that I feel confident in sharing.


So Guilford, UNCA, UNCG, UNCW, USCC, ECU, App, Davidson, High Point, William-Peace, NC State, Elon, Miami University, or where ever my dream college is, I can’t wait to walk across your campus and take the greatest gift anyone could give away—education while contributing as much as I can to your community.


Hey Colleges, Read This! Because although I might not write as frequently as I wish I could, I’ve been generating thoughts as influential as I can in the countless clubs, classrooms, and communities I’ve been cherishing.




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