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2013 Mission Statement January 28, 2013

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Way back in 8th grade, my English teacher had us begin the second semester by writing a mission statement—the words that define our life philosophy. What intrigued me most about the whole notion of the work primarily resided in the fact it was assigned near my birthday—basically a fresh start for the most naive point one will have with an age.

birthday sunrise

Since then, I’ve not only kept in constant contact with the teacher, but also make a point to write my mission statement before both my birthday and the new semester. And just like how I push myself with resolutions(more on this at a later post), this practice enables me to become more aware with what I do with all 364 days that I’m knighted with a new age to denote my year.


Impatience of time is a virtue

when the only notion of progression

is the anaphora of the sun rising.

Anticipate the mornings and the end of nights

in hopes of being one day closer

to knowing the glory of existence.


You are stronger than you think,

smaller than you believe,

and your mind soars through galaxies

only you can fathom.


Speak for the stars

to feel your voice echo;

fill this universe with your thoughts

as the person you should compare yourself to

is you.


Dance to stimulate

that pounding in your heart,

knot in your stomach

to serve as a reminder:

entropy is bound to exist

so you might as well embrace it

to conform to the whole notion of living

—just to coexist.


If there’s anything

the past wishes you to remember:

the only thing that changes in life

is the tense it occurs.


But no matter

if it’s at the end of the day,

if it’s at the end of the road,

if it’s at the end of the horizon,

you will be okay…

and you will make it.


So keep your head held high,

hopes held higher,

and perseverance breaking through

like the sunlight at the beginning of each day

and end of each night.


And if anything I’ve learned in these almost three days of being 17, it’s no matter what’s going on in life, part of you will always feel like this:



caught between clinging onto your childhood, striving to become more professional, while at the same time, embracing all the comforts that come your way.


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