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2013 Mission Statement January 28, 2013

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Way back in 8th grade, my English teacher had us begin the second semester by writing a mission statement—the words that define our life philosophy. What intrigued me most about the whole notion of the work primarily resided in the fact it was assigned near my birthday—basically a fresh start for the most naive point one will have with an age.

birthday sunrise (more…)


Thank you. January 8, 2013

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Here’s to the life we all tend to lead;

different in passing, difficult to leave.

We keep changing as others realize that they don’t need

what once happened should be believed.


Each breath should be one more saving grace

as simplicity gets tangled with personal haste

for one to figure out the difference between

love and waste.


The night dreamt up ways for us to perceive

why we become and why others leave.

Notions of things so hard to understand

make love so unique and promises so grand.


Here’s to the life no one seems to understand;

for the jokes, the sun, and the miles we ran.

To days lingering like the past can do

may the sun keep shining on just like you.

***Side note: I apologize for the unannounced hiatus. This semester has been a lot  rougher than I anticipated yet overall, worth it. Luckily, next semester means new classes and more time to do what I love—independent writing. This also happens to be my final full week of class until February as well as the week before finals.

Despite being written in 2011, this poem has always struck me as universal to the world around me and I hope it applies the same way to you.

Thanks for your loyalty :),