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Tested and True Back to School “Pro” Tips August 26, 2012

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  • Clean your room between terms so you’re not struggling to find stuff while already stressed out about school. And if you’re like me, someone who throws shit all over the floor when stressed, this will be even more beneficial.
  • Have two sets of pens/pencils/etc; one to keep in your backpack and the other to keep where you do your homework(preferably desk) so you’re not pissing your peers off by asking for a pen(cil) every other day/when you leave them at home.
  • Buy a wall calendar and place it somewhere that you’ll see it first thing in the morning. I can’t tell you how many times I woke up thinking “Oh shit. What quiz/test/project is due today?” then rolled out of bed and saw my calendar. If you have a system for your calendar, it makes it even easier to stay organized. Like this is what mine looked like for April. P for project, Q for quiz, and T for test and each color was a different class(French was pink, Chem was orange, etc). The lines represented what class was having a study session during lunch and during what half. So say I had a Chem quiz one day and thought “Oh shit. I still don’t understand this.”, I’d realize it was Friday so I could go for extra help.
  • Lay your clothes out the night before so you don’t freak out for 20 minutes over what to wear instead of sleeping for an extra 20 minutes. If I’m feeling perplexed over something I have that day, I’ll even throw my flashcards/notes on/near the clothes to remind myself to cram.
  • Keep motivation near your study area so you stay focused. Like I have this on the back of my bedroom door and this hanging on my desk. Keeping a To-Do list is also beneficial as you feel accomplished for crossing something off.
  • Download a program that temporarily blocks select websites so you don’t tell yourself “Oh…I’m going to spend five minutes on Reddit then resume.” and end up spending an hour on there. I love using Cold Turkey
  • Purchase a USB and have it with you at all times. You never know when you have a spare moment at a computer to be productive and work on a project or essay.

  • LUNCH TAKERS: Make your lunch the night before and know how food reacts away from refrigeration/heat. Something I discovered in middle school was if I sliced apples, tossed some cinnamon on them, double bagged, then froze them the night before and allowed them to thaw in my backpack during the day; I had the equivalent of baked apples to eat during lunch.
  • Always carry a pack of gum(or mints) and a few spare dollars with you.
  • PEOPLE TAKING A FOREIGN LANGUAGE: use Word Reference instead of a translator…it’s a lot more accurate.
  • PEOPLE TAKING APs: free course notes
  • THOSE IN THE ARTS: ear training/music theory online practice/help
  • General Help
  • Get on your teachers good side early so when you’re .1 away from the next letter grade, they round up. I’ve also noticed that the teachers that I’m friendly with have more enjoyable classes as I respect them enough to thoroughly listen/take them seriously.
  • Have some sort of stress relief from school whether it’s exercise, writing, etc; it’s better to burn off some of the stress rather for it to take a physical toll on your body. [stress induced] Stomach ulcers suck and 1/10 people will get them at one point in their lives…you want to avoid being the 10%! They feel like someone is stabbing you in the stomach, acid is leaking on your internal organs, and when you finally eat after an empty stomach, you can feel food hit your stomach—I was the verge of tears in pain that lasted ~20 hours the other day.
  • Befriend your peers and exchange contact information ASAP. Before my first ES lab started, I gave my three lab partners my name, cellphone number, and email. Sure enough, we didn’t finish the conclusion stuff so had to do it for homework. The lab partner that texted me to finish the lab and I both got 100s while the other two got high 80s/low 90s.
  • LADIES: always keep some sort of sanitary product in your backpack…you never know when you or a friend will need it.
  • Wear comfortable shoes to school.
  • Don’t wait until the night before to study; the day you get the material is the night you should make sure you understand the concepts! 
  • Take as many practice tests as you can to study! They allow you to see what you know and don’t know.
  • Mnemonics are your friend. The stupider the saying, the more likely you are to memorize the fact!
  • Irish Breakfast Tea > English Breakfast tea > Coffee when it comes to amount of caffeine
  • Book plates aren’t just for books; use them on things such as calculators or agendas too 🙂
  • Instant “whiteboard”: piece of paper in a page protector. Write on the protector using dry erase pens and wipe off like normal once finished.
  • To memorize say a vocab word, write it down 10 times then test yourself. Keep repeating until you get it right. For example; when I was trying to memorize the conjugation difference between “Avoir” and “Etre”, I’d quiz myself on one until I got it right, quiz myself on the other until I got it right, then quiz myself collectively until I got them all right.
  • LADIES; Simple make up organization: BUY ONE OF THOSE DESK ORGANIZERS LIKE SO 


4 Responses to “Tested and True Back to School “Pro” Tips”

  1. Marisol Says:

    the program Self Control is also a great app for blocking favorite time-wasting sites! awesome tips! just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. Check it out! http://marisoldahl.blogspot.com/2012/08/liebster-blog-award.html

  2. Holly Says:

    If you are still in high school, its easier to get your books out if you hang a tall locker shelf upside down. hang the legs on the hangers on the side and then your books are at eye level. And no more scraped knuckles!

  3. […] to stock up on during the school year and methods to combat the year. Last year I actually wrote a post on some tips to help you stay organized and ahead in your academic endeavors. Although the post […]

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