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Eilan Script; Yay or Nay? August 19, 2012

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Now if you’re too lazy/pressed for time to watch the full video(I understand), Eilan Script is basically a grid-based writing form that, like all languages, is really simple once you understand it.

To understand the basics, draw yourself three tick-tac-toe boards. Starting in the bottom left corner of the first one, start writing the alphabet one letter per square, always starting in the bottom of the column. Repeat until the alphabet is used up. Each notation is dictated by the lines around it but each tick-tac-toe board has a different way to distinguish the letters from its sister in another board.

The first board has no changes.

The second board has one line longer or shorter than the other.

The third board has the same as the second, but a dot is added near the character.

This is what my first attempt looks like:


(Bio notes)




The writing itself looks quite cool and I’ve been picking up on it relatively quickly and effortlessly but it’s a pain in the ass to read. My hand/eye coordination isn’t necessarily the best so certain sister characters in the first two grids are a bit difficult to distinguish at times. Aside from my own problem, I doubt any teachers will be able to read it. Therefore, if I write an assignment out in Elian and the teacher later collects it, I’m most likely going to be screwed.

As of now, I’m considering only writing in it to pound the information into my head. Eilan requires much more focus to both write and comprehend than English therefore I have to slow down and take time to understand whatever I chose to write. Either way, I’ll continue to try to pick it up just in case I change my mind.

So how do you feel about learning a new diction to take notes in?


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