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Turn Table Tuesday: Songs for the week of 8/14 August 14, 2012

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A new series dedicated to Haley’s new-found laziness brought forth from feeling guilty by not posting in a few days and having nothing beyond a fresher Itunes to prove this.

1) This is basically one of those online symphonies but for a more commonly known song for this day and age. Another way you could probably describe it is a much more technical mash-up but limited to one song. I’m no music theory pro(doubt I even have the circle of fifths still in my brain at this point) yet I can still catch some of the harmonies while appreciating the beauty of this piece.

2) I think one of my close band friends messaging this to me with the text “This made me cry” describes the potence of this simple brass cover better than I can.

3-4) The best way to describe these two pieces that go hand and hand is sitting on top of a massive hill overlooking a city from sunrise to sunset to watch the town come alive as the day progresses. The euphora from being so high just makes everything seem so much more incredible in respect to the simplicity of day-to-day actions.

5) I’ll probably get bashed for admitting my limited fondness for The Beatles but as realized by briefly browsing on Walk The Earth’s Youtube channel, anything they do is stunning with this Beatles cover as no exception.

6) You haven’t lived properly until you’ve danced around in your underwear/PJs to this song. That’s all.

7) On Sunday, I began Week 2 of Couch to 5k and started running with a heaviness in my chest begging me to quit. The second this song came on, my canter quickened to a “Am I flying?!” pace as I got lost in the music. Lose yourself in this music to get through anything.

So internet, what’s on your playlist for the week?


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