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The Widow’s Song(poetry) August 7, 2012

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If you follow; I will too.

Don’t warn me of the dangers that lie ahead;

experience is more potent than stories simply said.

If you know what to do, I will too.


The road we take

is the journey destined to be told

as adventures are unplanned

just daring for us to be bold.


Taunting as the map may seem,

living this life is no ordinary dream.

History’s repetition is just part of the theme,

history’s repetition shows the world can be mean


Your vision may be foggy

with clouds of greater perhaps,

promise to keep your head held high

and push through with every ounce of pride

as the scenery cries “If you know what to do, I will too.

There’s a widow acting perfectly fine

but deep down wondering why

two hearts can perfectly combine

and two roads can intertwine

but a final destination is never reached together

as one runs away for forever.

I found a metronome

to keep time going at a steady pace

hoping to make everything last.

But time can never be erased

like the last memory of your face.


Now I sit here alone on this planet

with memories as my guide,

I don’t know where I’m going

without you to confide.


Because you knew what to do

to get where you wanted to go;

it just took you less time than the rest of us.

Now you call heaven your home.


And so, if you follow the road

with every ounce of passion,

you may not know where you’re going

but at least you know where you’ve gone;

hopefully these chords will strike you

to understand nothing is ever wrong

cried the widow.


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