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Tested and True Back to School “Pro” Tips August 26, 2012

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  • Clean your room between terms so you’re not struggling to find stuff while already stressed out about school. And if you’re like me, someone who throws shit all over the floor when stressed, this will be even more beneficial.
  • Have two sets of pens/pencils/etc; one to keep in your backpack and the other to keep where you do your homework(preferably desk) so you’re not pissing your peers off by asking for a pen(cil) every other day/when you leave them at home.
  • Buy a wall calendar and place it somewhere that you’ll see it first thing in the morning. I can’t tell you how many times I woke up thinking “Oh shit. What quiz/test/project is due today?” then rolled out of bed and saw my calendar. If you have a system for your calendar, it makes it even easier to stay organized. Like this is what mine looked like for April. P for project, Q for quiz, and T for test and each color was a different class(French was pink, Chem was orange, etc). The lines represented what class was having a study session during lunch and during what half. So say I had a Chem quiz one day and thought “Oh shit. I still don’t understand this.”, I’d realize it was Friday so I could go for extra help.
  • Lay your clothes out the night before so you don’t freak out for 20 minutes over what to wear instead of sleeping for an extra 20 minutes. If I’m feeling perplexed over something I have that day, I’ll even throw my flashcards/notes on/near the clothes to remind myself to cram.
  • Keep motivation near your study area so you stay focused. Like I have this on the back of my bedroom door and this hanging on my desk. Keeping a To-Do list is also beneficial as you feel accomplished for crossing something off.
  • Download a program that temporarily blocks select websites so you don’t tell yourself “Oh…I’m going to spend five minutes on Reddit then resume.” and end up spending an hour on there. I love using Cold Turkey
  • Purchase a USB and have it with you at all times. You never know when you have a spare moment at a computer to be productive and work on a project or essay.



French Macarons August 24, 2012

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Notice how perfect, adorable, and girly they look? Who wouldn’t want to bake them?!

Well, since the moment I saw them scattered throughout the internet, all I’ve heard was horror stories of people failing at creating their own from scratch.  If amateur bakers were having trouble with them, I feared the worse from my own limited baking skills—as in catching my kitchen on fire horrendous. Granted, at that point in my life, I feared taking things out of the oven.

I began reading up on these suckers almost the instant I was free of sophomore year. I researched cooking and baking methods until my head exploded with terminology, français, passion, and motivation to bake. And after consuming both the worst(Patisserie Valerie) and best(Harrods) macarons of my life in London, I was practically running off the plane in RDU to the nearest grocery store to buy almond flour(pstt! Trader Joes sells it $6 cheaper than your average grocery store).

Let’s just say I’ve caught the macaron fever as now I feel like one of my life goals is to perfect them.



Eilan Script; Yay or Nay? August 19, 2012

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Now if you’re too lazy/pressed for time to watch the full video(I understand), Eilan Script is basically a grid-based writing form that, like all languages, is really simple once you understand it.

To understand the basics, draw yourself three tick-tac-toe boards. Starting in the bottom left corner of the first one, start writing the alphabet one letter per square, always starting in the bottom of the column. Repeat until the alphabet is used up. Each notation is dictated by the lines around it but each tick-tac-toe board has a different way to distinguish the letters from its sister in another board.

The first board has no changes.

The second board has one line longer or shorter than the other.

The third board has the same as the second, but a dot is added near the character.

This is what my first attempt looks like:


(Bio notes)




The writing itself looks quite cool and I’ve been picking up on it relatively quickly and effortlessly but it’s a pain in the ass to read. My hand/eye coordination isn’t necessarily the best so certain sister characters in the first two grids are a bit difficult to distinguish at times. Aside from my own problem, I doubt any teachers will be able to read it. Therefore, if I write an assignment out in Elian and the teacher later collects it, I’m most likely going to be screwed.

As of now, I’m considering only writing in it to pound the information into my head. Eilan requires much more focus to both write and comprehend than English therefore I have to slow down and take time to understand whatever I chose to write. Either way, I’ll continue to try to pick it up just in case I change my mind.

So how do you feel about learning a new diction to take notes in?


Turn Table Tuesday: Songs for the week of 8/14 August 14, 2012

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A new series dedicated to Haley’s new-found laziness brought forth from feeling guilty by not posting in a few days and having nothing beyond a fresher Itunes to prove this.

1) This is basically one of those online symphonies but for a more commonly known song for this day and age. Another way you could probably describe it is a much more technical mash-up but limited to one song. I’m no music theory pro(doubt I even have the circle of fifths still in my brain at this point) yet I can still catch some of the harmonies while appreciating the beauty of this piece.

2) I think one of my close band friends messaging this to me with the text “This made me cry” describes the potence of this simple brass cover better than I can. (more…)


Uncertainty in the Participle of Now. August 10, 2012

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In my sixteen and a half years of living, I’ve come to the conclusion that the subconscious thoughts are the only thoughts worth thinking—they mean less emotionally and physically while connecting thoughts to syntax.

One hundred and twelve antibiotics—one hundred and twelve antibiotics had to reverse the damage that my mind did to my stomach. I suffered through a month of piercing pain followed by fourteen days of four pills every twelve hours with side-effects ranging from running to the toilet to turning my nose up at food. The overall stomach ulcer experience made me want to switch my mind into aphorism mode; it made me realize I’d rather trade insanity for comfort, excruciating green tea experience for the strength to break free from the fetal position.

Lately I’ve noticed my life is saturated with these “What the [creative word of your choosing] am I doing?!” and so many infinities of multiple possibilities. Isn’t that part of the joy of living though? The ability to have so many damn available options that the thoughts/possibilities make you paranoid during the day and awake at night as your mind works around the clock to find a break.

I’ll be the first to admit that my mind is obnoxious; it builds all these mental barriers to the point where the less I think, the better I am in the long run. But you know what? (more…)


The Widow’s Song(poetry) August 7, 2012

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If you follow; I will too.

Don’t warn me of the dangers that lie ahead;

experience is more potent than stories simply said.

If you know what to do, I will too.



What goes into a blog post(a video) August 6, 2012

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