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In Response to the Whole Chick-Fil-A “Controversy” July 30, 2012

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Before I begin, I’d just like to acknowledge the attention my last post received…power to the internet! Wow…just wow. I thought I was in awe after twenty-four hours of posting it until I peeked at my stats from over the weekend. Between having two bloggers I respect comment, the reaction from people who haven’t read my work since middle school, and having the honor of emailing the post to his mother; I’m honored. After I published the post, I felt something I haven’t felt from writing in a while—pride; I felt like I transformed my initial, flommuck rich piece attempts at Mendy into something he deserved. Thank you. 

As a frugal teenage girl, I adore Forever 21 like the rest of my female peers. Their clothes, jewelry, and accessories are all practically dirt cheap and functional; making it almost impossible for me to feel guilty over paying $2.80 for a pair of earrings. Now if you’re  slightly more informed than the typical consumer, you know that Forever 21 uses child labor. Even if this is new to you, you can easily Google “Forever 21 child labor” and articles like this one  and this one pop up. Urban Outfitters is also known for similar working conditions  but since their prices are way out of my price range, I avoid already avoid the store.

So now that you’re informed, you can pass judgement on both companies…correct?

Although I disagree with the working conditions of their employees, I’ll continue to support them because of my current “status” as a frugal, unemployed, teenage girl wanting to build her closet up out of her own pocket. Their clothes currently work for my lifestyle and their yellow bags make excellent garbage bags for mini trash cans. But like every other company out there, I refuse to pay for their logo to appear anywhere on me making me become a human billboard. For the time being, I’ll acknowledge the fact that I’m a hypocrite by spending ~$40 a year at Forever 21 yet I’ll keep this information in mind when I’m more financially established.

Like my prior knowledge of Forever 21/Urban Outfitters, I’ve been informed of the Chick-Fil-A stance recently brought forth in the media.

Although I’m a supporter of human rights, I really don’t care about the owner being homophobic as much as I do for them being a larger hypocrite than myself. My stance on the issue stems from how they believe in “traditional american values” in a country where traditional has never been clearly defined. Traditional to whom? as we’re a nation of multiple beliefs, cultures, ethnicities, etc. giving the US the diverse population characterizing the nickname “the melting pot”. We don’t even have a official, set in the constitution language or religion.English just happens to be the most commonly spoken while Christianity is the most commonly practiced. Each one happens to have a series of drawbacks/unfair advantage to those not involved in the “norm”.

When I discovered Chick-Fil-A’s stance, I didn’t have a problem with it until they brought up traditional values for the both the reason I just stated and the fact that there’s so many branches of Christianity with the most common difference being their perspective on the Christian Bible. Each branch interprets things differently but they also happen to ignore certain passages in their bible. The whole categorizing of Christianity is what fuels my anger towards the company…the differences should be from the perspective; not from the passages honored without making a whole new, never heard of until subsection of Christianity. If you’re going to endorse the bible, endorse the entire thing including these passages:

As I’ve stated elsewhere on this blog, I come from a family of mixed religion; half my family is Irish Catholic while the other is Reform/Moderate Jews. My parents have raised siblings and I to be respectful of other religions while keeping our head in our b’nai mitzvah studies(at the time). This response does a nice job at explaining the three main types of Judaism as well as two newer “classes” that’ve emerged with  time. In accordance to the link above, I’m a Humanistic Jew as I’ll acknowledge my roots/blood while continuing to believe in the progressing science/evolution emerging as time moves forward. For example, I observe Passover and Yom Kippur(two major Jewish holidays) but I haven’t attended temple since my sisters’ Bat Mitzvah in 2010…this medium works nicely for me.

What I like about the Jewish religion in comparison to the Christian faith is how the religion is divided. Instead of having a different perspective, each “class” has the same core principals but just observes what they feel they believe, is fit to the time, and works for them. Also in Judaism, a common belief of the text should adapt to the time is reflects the Jewish people nicely. The reason most Jews are as frugal as they are is because they understand that life is highly unpredictable so conserve what they can in hopes of making the future easier.

Chick-Fil-A has every right to voice their opinion, but until traditional family values are defined, I’ll stick with my current belief. And besides, since I’m a vegetarian with stomach ulcers at the moment, I really can’t eat there anyways. Really all I’ve ever purchased from the company were milkshakes and waffle fries. At the moment I’m still a bit iffy about eating fries after Dunmanway and I know I can purchase a healthier blended drink at the smoothie shop right across the street from Chick-Fil-A.

In accordance to Mike Huckabee’s recent announcement, I stumbled upon this video on Reddit:

So on August 1st, I’ll probably claim my free water as I treat myself out to lunch to honor the fact that July is over and celebrate being ~1/2 finished with stomach ulcer treatment(antibiotics).


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