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Europe Trip: Part 8-Ireland; Cashel July 22, 2012

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To entertain myself on the ~2.5 hour drive from Dublin to Cashel, I played Nyan Cat Jump almost nonstop, took the occasional picture of the repetitive scenery, and went over my AP English Summer Assignments only when I got pissed off at Evil Waffle Cat.

We stayed at Cashel Palace which was conveniently located not even a tenth of a mile from downtown and right in front of The Rock of Cashel (basically a castle and cemetery; the first of many we visited). I really don’t think we did much while in Cashel after we hiked up to the rock and got lunch downtown. I feel like a lot of my family just sat around the hotel pub enjoying a drink and each others company as the wind attacked my hair or I magically locked myself into the bathroom by mistake.

You can now understand why.

So without further ado, I present you; Cashel!


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