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Europe Trip: Part I-Packing and Plane Rides #1 & #2. July 12, 2012

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Packing has never been one of my specialties; I’m an already indecisive person and not fully knowing what I’ll be wanting/needing just makes it worse. And besides, fifteen days away from home was the longest I’ve ever been away—let alone, having to bring normal clothes. Away band camp and the eight or so days I spent in Jamaica/Florida practically had identical [clothes] packing; the only differences being the amount of socks(as many as I could fit) and bathing suits(three) packed. Besides, both locations had similar weather to home. I knew the expected weather conditions for Europe were at least twenty degrees Fahrenheit lower than what I was experiencing before the trip even began. Felt like I was in trouble.

Equipped with what I felt was weather appropriate clothing and hygiene products, I zipped up my suitcase and moved on.

My carry-on was easy in comparison; basically a collection of crap I thought I should bring(AP English Summer assignments, contacts/retainers, pre-cut blister pads, debit card, two forms of ID[excluding passport], and Ipod) and crap I felt like bringing(pair of sunglasses, some USD, hand sanitizer, good headphones, three different colored pens, two different colored highlighters, metronome, and makeup).

By no means am I a light packer nor should you take packing advice from me beyond the whole sock rule for band camp.

Overly packed: check.

Family food supplied cleared out as much as possible: check.

Email inbox cleared out as much as possible: check.

Room cleaned and prepared for terrible unpacking habits: check.

As I walked out of my house that morning, I threw my turned off phone in my Dad’s office as the sunlight exposed the anger in the eyes of my sisters cat.

Fifteen minutes later, we were at the airport.

A brief muggy flight later, we were at another airport.

The following/final flight was supposed to take us from noon to morning(of the following day) as a result of the five hour time difference. I’m not going to lie about either of the three main truths of the flight:

1) I was next to the window so I could prop my head up the same way I fall asleep during class. The trick is to either hold your head up with the arm closest to the teachers place of residence or with the arm closest to the wall. Being on a eight hour flight, this helped tremendously as I slept for the majority of the flight.

2) The woman in front of me was a pain in the ass who kept her chair as far back as possible the entire flight and obnoxiously moved between her and her husbands seat. Her head was practically in my lap the entire time which pissed me off to the point of using the touch screen on the back of her chair, near her head, as a source of revenge—I pounded on that near-unresponsive POS like no tomorrow.

3)Since I slept the majority of the flight, I really didn’t care what was going on around me(beyond #2). Let’s just say the only pressured gas in the cabins was self contained.

The on-board meals weren’t as terrible as I anticipated; mini salad, mini roll, some spreadable butter, olive oil/vinegar,a lemon wedge, and a rice/vegetable dish that tasted actually really good once I squeezed some lemon juice over it. Breakfast was some sort of greasy apple-cinnamon muffin top that was chewy but not completely inedible.

From the moment I stepped off the plane, I felt like I was in Harry Potter.

Hello London!


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