Hey Colleges Read This!

Because grades don't show personality.

Thoughts From The Dentists Office June 19, 2012

Frankly, I don’t mind the dentist that much.

I mean; yeah, it feels pretty stupid to keep my mouth wide open while laying in a vaguely awkward position, but at least I get to keep my clothes on unlike at the doctors office.  And this is coming from someone that had two sets of braces and has been visiting the orthodontist since third grade!

Social interaction at the Dentists Office is completely wack compared to other places in society…I had some lady that I’ve never seen before pop out from behind a wall, hand me sunglasses, then told me to open wide as she began scrapping away at any remnants lurking on my teeth.

Sounds worse than it actually is; huh?

Her words sounded like beads strung together on string as they hung mid-air.

I allowed my mind to wander into focus as I noticed a spot on the ceiling above me—it was where the plastic part of a light that wasn’t glowing met the wall…an elevated plastic surface sloping down onto the perfectly flat plaster. I really don’t understand why, but I began wondering if anyone else has every focused on the same spot—if all walks of the community decided to zone out of their dentist appointment while gazing at a relatively simplistic feature. I pictured a firefighter out of uniform, a teacher anxiously awaiting to go home after a long school day, and even another Dentistry nurse preforming the same teeth cleaning task to a co-worker. At that very moment, I began to think about purpose; about society obligations to work as a unit to thrive and of our dependence on others. We all can believe that we’re completely independent when in actuality, we depend on others almost as much as we depend on ourselves. This dependence is what forms the Hydrogen Bonds of a community—it’s what makes a community thrive as both a workplace and a living space.

I began thinking back to my AP Bio Review Book I was reading in the waiting room; about how I told myself “Okay, the ternary structure comes after the secondary because the diagram of the ternary has the spring-like squiggly shape of the secondary“—everything builds upon each other in a community like the protein structures in Bio Chemistry…without one, the others can’t function and carry out tasks.

As for my own role in society, my purpose is to think as we all have a purpose to learn, mine just happens to involve critical thinking and analysis of both academics and personal thoughts. I have an overactive mind that enjoys to churn out new ideas rather than following the flow society has built. That doesn’t mean I’m completely isolated from society as I can never flee it no matter how hard I try, it just means I mess around with the external variables given for myself as I keep an eye on other molecules floating through the stream of life.


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