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Because grades don't show personality.

Eins…zwei…drei! May 27, 2012

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The sky was blue—the type of blue that some English teachers would have you analyze to death even though the only intention of the word “blue” was to describe the sky. And if you wanted to be scientific, a blue sky dotted with cumulus clouds—magnified cotton balls if viewed in the literary perspective.

I heard tapping. Steady and progressive—gradually becoming louder, closer, more familiar. The noise was emerging near sheds; sheds with a forgotten name to students, only remembered by the teachers who named them.

My hair began dancing with the wind as my heart synced with the cadence. While a grin emerged hand-in-hand with giggling, my mind became clearer than the sky above me.

If the moment was something to analyze in English, I imagine the passage would go something along these lines:

It was the end of the senior’s last day of high school as Haley walked into her high school’s parking lot, she was greeted by three drummers drumming dressed in spandex. Haley stopped thinking about her final six school days of sophomore year left as her mind became saturated with the cadence. Instead of thinking of the moment as a farewell, Haley saw the moment as a celebration.


Thank you 2012 seniors.


An Introduction May 18, 2012

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Dearest colleges,

As I sit here on this Thursday night with roughly three weeks left of my sophomore year, I can’t help but to feel the smooth clicks of the keys under my hesitant fingers. For so long, I’ve been writing posts in my head to express the consistent flow of thoughts I once thought plagued me but now realize serve me justice.

Colleges, now I know you’re probably looking at my transcripts with a sense of disdain; please let me explain. I have passion for education and learning and submersing my mind in the daily joys/wonders of the classroom but I frankly don’t care about grades—I believe that a letter can’t explain how much you took away from the class and instead, only how well you can mold to society. Frankly, I don’t want to be molded by society because molding to society can be dangerous for both yourself and society. I like my independence and using my own mind to determine my worth. Where would this world be if it wasn’t for the go-getters and the innovators? We’d be no where but trapped in time.

Take my A in Physical Education for example. Really all I learned in that class was how thankful I am for the internet for educating me better than the curriculum ever could. Take the extremely basic sexual education curriculum for example as it’s limited to clip-art pictures of various contraceptive devices, being told STI stands for “Sexually Transmitted Infections” for the third year in a row, and don’t have sex because it leads to things that at our age, we’re probably not ready for(like pregnancy)—basically the point of the unit was to stretch the point of “you can’t ask in depth questions because as a teacher, I’m not allowed to answer them and abstinence is always the answer”. There was really no point to the unit when educators like Laci Green, Scarleteen, and Gurl.com have been promoting a complete understanding of  the material without the boundaries set in the classroom as they promote questions and issues that apply beyond abstinence.

Alright, now look at my B in English II; a class that increased the clarity of my writing as my vocabulary drastically improved. Since the teacher was also teaching AP English III, she sometimes approached our class like an AP, which in turn, allowed me to mature my thoughts onto a high school scale. Considering how much of a constant writing is in our lives, I’ve been able to communicate as a more adept person in society since completing the course.

Frankly, I believe the value of our education should be based off how we progress society forward. Take Marie Curie for example; she went against the grain of the construct of society as she used stepped free from the norm. Not only was she a complete bad-ass of her time, but she also won various Noble Prizes for her contribution to the physical sciences—a first for a woman at the time.

The point of this blog is to show to you; the chancellors of my potential educational future, who I am and where my thoughts stand as I develop as both a student and a member of society. As everyone else submits their transcripts trying to impress you with an impressive list of extracurriculars, APs, high SAT scores, and applications hoping to win your praise; I want to be as raw as I am real in life in hopes of proving that I may in fact be suited for your campus.

Best wishes,